Felt Like Chocolate!

On a winter morning, I felt like chocolate and here we are! It has been a while since I started enjoying smoothie bowls, however this is only the second chocolate smoothie bowl I have made so far and a better version compared to the first. So, I thought I should share this smoothie bowl with you all.
I love the combination of chocolate and cherries together. I used cherries and blackberries in this smoothie but feel free to play around with different berries to find your favourite. I always think about the colour of the smoothie as well as the flavour, so I chose cherries and blackberries as they add a deeper colour to the chocolate.
Berries are rich with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and if you are using raw cacao powder, you’re adding in more beneficial antioxidants. So, that’s a win-win!



1 frozen banana
1 avocado
12 cherries
8 blackberries
4 heaped tbsp cacao powder
1 heaped tsp instant coffee
1 tsp maple syrup
50ml plant-milk

Add everything into a smoothie maker/ blender and blitz until everything is combined well. Add more milk if needed to achieve the desired consistency you are after. Pour into a bowl and top with your favourite toppings – this is where you can get creative, add more texture and flavour.

I topped my smoothie bowl with some dark chocolate chips, frozen blackberries, cherries & walnuts.

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