I am Dinusha, the voice, cook, photographer, editor and writer behind The Kitchen Footprints. I am from sunny Queensland, Australia but I was born and raised in beautiful Sri Lanka. I left the island when I was a teenager and now, I am a clinician by profession working fulltime but my love affair with food has always managed to find time in my daily life. So here we are! I started my Instagram page @thekitchenfootprints in late 2019 just as a hobby and I have now decided to start a blog to share my recipes. Like most other people, I love to eat but most importantly I LOVE to cook, look at, plate, talk about and study food. What goes into making a soulful dish, excites me just as much as the devouring of it. I always believed that the process of having food first starts from the time you taste it from your eyes before it touches your taste buds. That’s why I pay an equal amount of attention for its plating and colour coordination, as much as the effort I put in for the flavours.

Growing up, I never was the child you would see in the kitchen helping my mom (not proud). I still remember how she used to rant about me for not giving her a single hand in the kitchen. Weirdly enough, I did enjoy playing kitchen using clay pots with my sisters. We gobbled up what we cooked feeling like we were now fully capable adults (we aren’t exactly sure if one would consider them “edible”). A couple of decades after, I am still playing with food in my own little kitchen; thankfully now they are not only edible but also delicious – phew!

One of my favourite things to do is to go to the farmer’s markets on the weekends to hunt down for fresh fruits and veggies. Culturally in Sri Lanka, our cooking practices and diets involved a lot of fresh ingredients such as savoury fruits, varieties of roots, types of gourds, coconut milk and leafy greens and a piece of fish or meat is used usually with the purpose of tying the dish together. Eating mostly vegetables and greens is also one way I practice compassion for every living being on earth and I want to inspire you to feel the same. For this reason, my recipes will not fail you if you’re someone with a plant-based or vegan diet.

If I am not in the kitchen or working, I am probably planning my next trip because travelling is also my passion second to none.

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