Lotus Root Chips

I discovered these chips in a Japanese restaurant the other day and wanted to make them at home too. They are so easy to make and impossible to stop nibbling just after another. Not only that, aren’t they so fascinating to look at?

You should be able to find these lotus roots in the freezer section in Asian grocery stores and also in some Coles supermarkets too! However, the one you buy from the freezer section is sliced slightly thicker than the ideal size so it is best if you could find the fresh lotus roots from the farmer’s markets so you can slice them thinly.


250g lotus root sliced
sea salt
chilli powder to sprinkle


  • Heat some peanut oil in a deep pan. Add the slices a few at a time without overcrowding the pan) and cook until golden brown.
  • Allow the chips to cool slightly before serving. Toss then in sea salt and some chilli powder.

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